Frequently Asked Questions

What's wedsiting?

Wedsiting is an online community where everybody can create and share their own wedding site for FREE.

Who can view my site?

You can decide who views each section by creating different groups and granting permissions for each.

What is a section?

A website is made of several sections. Each section is an independent internal page with editable content.

Can I upload as many pictures as I want?

Yes, up to 500 MB. These photos will be optimized, so you can have more than 20,000 pictures.

Can I upload videos?

This feature is not included in this version yet, but it is on our future improvements list.

Can I edit the CSS styles by myself?

No, you cannot. Our templates let you modify colours, content and templates, but structural changes cannot be made.

Can I upload pdf files?

At the moment this feature is not available; however it will be included shortly, as well as videos.

Once published, can I change the site contents?

You can access your Wedding site whenever you want as well as make unlimited changes to your content.